New Effect With Rice Bowls

Improved Ideas by FULLAM MCGLADE.

One bowl is filled with rice, then placed over bowl containing water in the usual way. Reverse them, top bowl is removed when rice is seen to be overflowing, level off the rice and again place bowls mouth to mouth, reverse again, and remove top bowl, this time instead of rice the bottom basin is full of handsome coloured flowers which are emptied on a tray and handed to assistant, the trick is not yet at an end, basins are once more placed mouth to mouth, after a few passes with wand the bowls are found to contain a quantity of water which is poured into a glass jug. My readers who have already worked the rice bowls I am sure would greatly add to the effect if they introduced my improvement.
A tissue paper band is placed around say 75 silk spring flowers and fastened to the bottom of empty bowl. A small length of soft wire is also arranged around the paper band and the end passed through small hole drilled near the bottom of bowl as illustrated. When working the trick the performer fills the empty bowl with rice (taking care that flowers at the bottom are not seen) then same is levelled off in the usual way. The other bowl is placed over mouth downwards then they are reversed. Whilst this is being done the performer pulls wire with thumb and first finger of right hand, the flowers are immediately released since the hand having been cut by the wire, flowers are emptied out, bowls are again placed together, reversed, top bowl removed, and water poured from bowl to