The Gamage Card And Die Illusion

Effect :- The performer has a card selected, say ten of
hearts, a die is made to vanish from a plate or anywhere the performer chooses.

The card is now taken by performer and without covering it in any way causes it to change into a die. Hi Presto! like a flash of lightening the card has vanished and in its place is found a die, which performer shows all sides.

hand revealing dieExpanation: The die performer vanishes is worked on the old shell
principle. Card and die shown in illustrations are purely mechanical. Easy to
perform and has a very astonishing effect. Gamages have introduced this novelty
and will send the apparatus post free to any part of Great Britain 1/7. Abroad
75 cents (3/-)


Date on article: July 20th, 1905
Written by: Robertson Keene

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