The Vanishing Sixpence

This is a very amusing trick, the success of which depends solely upon the audacity of the conjurer. He puts an ordinary pocket handkerchief upon the table, with a sixpence in the centre of it. The handkerchief is slowly rolled up with the coin in the middle.

After it has been rolled up it is immediately unrolled, when the coin is found to have vanished.The trick is perfectly simple, and all that is needful is to make sure that the
cloth on the table is thick enough not to let the sixpence make a noise when dropped upon it.

This is how to do the trick :- Lay the handkerchief flat upon the table , and in folding it over, corner to corner, take care that the upper corner (A) slightly overlaps the lower corner (B) see picture. Now commence to roll handkerchief over, till it appears in the form of a narrow strip. Continuing the operation only until the point of the underneath flap (B) appears. Then take hold of this corner, and by means of it unroll the handkerchief again, when the sixpence will naturally be underneath. Be careful
to commence unrolling as soon as point B comes in sight, and before point A appears. If carefully done, it is very difficult to detect how the sixpence gets out.