To those who possess an old “picture frame” apparatus with trick blind, and who can do a little “paper tearing” I can recommend the following effect.

PREPARATION :- Previous to the show, you tear a sheet of tissue in the usual manner, into a more or less elaborate pattern; the curves of which you can easily keep in mind and re-produce. This pattern you open flat and fasten into your frame securely, and draw down the trick blind in front of same.

TO SHOW :- Coming before your audience you perform several “paper-tearing” feats and finally you tear a sheet of the same size as your prepared pattern into as exact duplicate as possible and having displayed it and pointed out it’s many beauties? You crush it into a small ball, and under cover of reaching for your pistol, vest it and change for a similar ball previously placed under vest, this being composed of  flash paper only.  This ball you ram into the muzzle of the small pistol, and having placed a “cap” in position, the pistol is fired at frame. A ball of fire will travel visibly towards the frame which is worked simultaneously, and the blind flying up reveals the torn and crumpled pattern restored and completed. The effect of this is very good, and seems, under the circumstances, incomprehensible.

Date on article: July 20th, 1905
Written by: Robertson Keene