Magicians Scrapbook Volume One Index

Here’s a comprehensive list of all the articles in volume one of the Magicians Scrapbook.
I’m currently placing articles on the blog in a random order, but, if your interested in seeing a particular article, send me an email to magic@magicians-scrapbook and I’ll push it to the top of the queue.

1 Cover
2 Modern Magicians – Selbit
2 Charlie Chaplin On The Secret Of His Popularity
2 Yorkshire Magicians
3 A Good Match Trick
3 How To Get Through A Postcard
3 How To Raise A Ghost
3 Designs In Fire
3 The Magic Gallery
4 The Drum Which Can’t Be Beaten
5 The Goldston Aga Illusion
5 Some Don’ts For Young Magicians
6 Patter For Ink And Goldfish Trick
6 Patter For Fan And Coins Illusion
6 New Trunk Escape
7 The Cue And Billiard Ball
7 Sun And Moon Trick
7 New Effect With Rice Bowls
8 Vanishing Sketch Trick
8 The Broken Match
9 Novel And Improved Ink Vase
9 The Mahatma Miracle
9 A Colour Changing Thimble
10 An Addition To The Coin Vase
10 A Unique Table
10 The Unmasking Of Robert Houdin – By Harry Houdini
11 Stage Stories By Dr Walford Bodie
12 Stage Stories By Dr Walford Bodie Cont
13 A Novel Transposition – S L Geere
13 A Bar To Progress
13 Try This Trick On Your Chum
14 Some More Egg Tricks
14 The Ghost Illusion
15 Oswald Williams
15 Hit It Hard – Louis F Christianer
15 “Bradford Magician, Rationed Foods Without Coupon”
16 The Gamage Cage Illusion
17 Paper Folding
18 The Mysterious Lemon – Invented By Cecil Heygate
18 The Gamage Duck Cylinder
19 Handcuff Tricks By Carl Rhein
19 A New Regulation Police Cuff
19 New Improved Fake
19 New Handkerchief Produced From Glass
20 Chung Lin Soo – How He Became A Conjurer
20 A Spirit Cuff
20 Coin Candle
21 Tao-Li-Tao Known As The Chinese Mystery
21 The Seasons Novelties
22 Novel Method For Raising Cards A La Thurston
22 New Multiplying And Disappearing Coins
23 Indian Basket Trick
23 A Good Pocket Trick
23 Colour Conjuring
24 An Effective Handkerchief Trick
24 The Phoenix
24 A Second Digit Trick
24 Endless Production Novelty
25 The Great And Only William Everhart
25 Vanished Handkerchiefs Produced Dry From A Glass Of Wine
25 Sack Trick
26 The New Ping Pong Ball Trick
26 The Wonderful Vanishing Die Box
27 Handcuff Tricks By Carl Rhein
28 Tumbler Trick
28 A Talk About Tricks
28 A Novelty In Cigars
29 American Handkerchief Knotting Trick
29 Don’ts For Conjurers
30 The Fan And Flags
31 Leon Vint
31 New Ideas And Dodges In Magic
31 Good Magical Information
32 Robertson Keene’s Notions
32 A Novel Cabinet
32 The Electric Rising Cards
33 The Electric Rising Cards Cont.
33 An Effective Handkerchief Novelty
34 An Experiment In Telepathy
34 A Pretty Opening Trick
34 A Word Of Advice
34 Handkerchiefs And Flags Illusion
35 A Dancing Doll
35 Novel Paper Cutting Or Tearing Feat
35 The Laurie Cabinet Illusion
35 The Liquid Heiress
36 A Numerical Mystery
36 The Lamb And Bouquet
36 A Good Start For The Flag Trick
37 New Feke For Producing A Handkerchief
37 How To Accomplish An Effective Change
38 A Novel Method Of Handkerchief Production
38 Tricks For All By Will Avis – A New Coin Frame
39 Instantaneous Colour Changes For Six Handkerchiefs
39 A Novel Paper Ladder Trick
39 The Mystical Flight Of Four Half-Crowns
39 Simple Hand Shadows
39 Twelve Good Maxims
40 Table From A Shawl
40 A Clever Mind Reading Experiment
40 The Great Mahatma Miracle
40 A Good Tip For The Egg Trick
41 Simple Hand Shadows
42 Robertson Keene’s Notions
43 Robertson Keene’s Notions Cont
44 New Use For The Okito Glass
44 The Card Pocket
44 “Trick Shuffles And Acts, And The Long Card”
45 “Trick Shuffles And Acts, And The Long Card Cont.”
45 Shrine Of Kooma Sami
45 Two New Appearing Bird Cages
46 The Duplex Flower Pot Illusion
47 Hypnotism And Crime – Remarkable Mystery Unravelled
47 The Viaduct Card Illusion
47 Simple Hand Shadows
47 Armature Conjurers
48 The Mysterious Lady
48 The Original Growing Plant Illusion
48 Handkerchief And String Trick
49 Improved Cage For Appearing Canaries
49 A New Ball Trick
50 A New Ball Trick – Cont.
50 A Good Pocket Trick
50 A Scientific Match Trick
51 The Mystic Kettle
52 Postman James
52 The Vest Servante
52 The Vanishing Glove
53 The Gamage Card And Die Illusion
53 Gamage’s Improved Thumb Tie
53 A Paper Tearing Trick
54 T Nelson Downs
54 A Novel Disappearing Cage
54 Hoffaman’s Concatenation Extraordinary
55 A Useful Changing Bag
55 The Very Best Of All Box Tricks
56 The Very Best Of All Box Tricks – Cont
56 A Changing Flower
56 From Fan To Flowers
57 From Fan To Flowers – Cont.
57 A New Card Trick
57 The Headless Man Illusion
58 Queen Of Knives
58 Twentieth Century Billiard Ball Trick
59 Twentieth Century Billiard Ball Trick Cont.
59 The Menace Of Exposure By Edward H Philbrook
59 The One Way Out
60 The Improved And Remarkable Box And Die Illusion
60 The Gallows Cheater
61 An Improvement – Matchbox Production
61 A Good Card Trick
61 An Optical Illusion
62 Glass Lined Trunk Illusion
62 New Coin Stand
63 Wise Words
63 The Red And Black Balls
63 A Good Trick
64 A New Version Of The Organ Pipes
65 A New Version Of The Organ Pipes
65 Harry Kellar About To Retire
66 The Pistol To Vanish Cards
66 The New Percussion Handkerchief Gun
67 The Great And Only Howard Thurston
67 The Diminishing Card Trick
67 A New Flag Trick
67 A Good Card Trick
67 A Good Conjuring Trick
68 Unique And Subtle Method For The Dove Tub
68 Some Pretty Coin Moves
68 The Fan And Coin Illusion
69 The Fan And Coin Illusion – Cont.
69 The Improved Torn Card
70 The Escape From Sing-Sing
71 The Indian Rope Trick
71 Death Came From Overlook – Chung Ling Soo’s Fate 23/03/1918
71 The Needles And Thread Trick
72 Table Cover And Wool Effect
72 Vanishing Tumbler
72 A Tip For Torn And Restored Paper
72 Neat Method Of Working Jacob’s Ladder
72 A Good Handkerchief Producer
72 A Handkerchief And Watch Move
73 Handkerchief Trick
74 The Vase Of Ink And Golf Fish Illusion
74 Novel Vanish For Six Handkerchiefs
74 An Effective Card Change
75 Vanishing Bird Cage On Tray
75 Aerial Treasury Sleight
76 Nevil Maskelyne Pic
76 The Secret Of The Magician
76 How Houdini Died
77 Handcuff King Dead 30/10/1926
77 The Handcuff King – Houdini’s Big Lift In Bradford
77 Houdini’s Will – Secrets To Be Destroyed
77 Houdini’s Brother
78 Chess Automaton Part Article
79 Tips And Dodges For Smart Magicians
80 Tips And Dodges For Smart Magicians – Cont.
81 Cup And Ball Sleights By Horace Goldin
81 An Original Flag Combination
81 Handkerchief Combination
82 The Mystery Of L’hassa
82 Astonishing Finish To Rice Bowl Trick
82 Billiard Ball Sleight
82 A New Thought Reading Trick
83 The Purse Swindle
83 An Old Saw Re-Set
84 A Handkerchief To Vanish In A Flash Of Fire
84 Jugged Haire
84 Comedy Rice Trick
85 New Lamps For Old
85 A New Idea For The Pistol Tube
85 Improved Coffee Vase
86 The Vanishing Lamp
86 The Pistol To Vanish A Borrowed Watch
87 Handcuff Tricks By Carl Rhein
87 Die And Flower Combination
88 A New Changing Card
88 A New Card Discovery
89 A New Raising Card
89 Three Tricks With Flowers
90 Three Tricks With Flowers – Cont
91 New Billiard Ball And Handkerchief Sleight
92 The Newest Cone Production
92 The Best Of All Rice Bowls
93 The Best Of All Rice Bowls – Cont.
93 The Chameleon Ribbon Trick
94 The Chameleon Ribbon Trick – Cont.
95 Lessons In Magic By Prof. Ellis Stanyon
96 The Newest Bird Cage Illusion
96 A Manacle Mystery
97 Phantom Decapitation
97 The Rapid Transit
98 “The “”Well I Never”” Illusion”
99 Tervy Routlege
99 The Mystic Egg And Handkerchief
100 The Smoking Concert Programme
101 The New Undetectable Target Cage
101 The Latest Handkerchief And Egg Change
101 The Cylinder And Vanishing Balls
102 The Cylinder And Vanishing Balls – Cont.
102 Wise Sayings
102 Handkerchief Manipulation
103 “Gustave Fasola, The Indian Fakir”
103 “Explanatory Program – Chung Ling Soo, Hippodrome Nov 1903”
104 The Celebrated Trick Collar And Bolt
104 A Balancing Feat
104 Malini’s Button Biting Trick
105 A Good Handkerchief Trick
105 New Bottle Mystery
105 The Wash Bowl And Jug
105 Plant Growing Trick
105 Spirit Holding Test
106 Second Sight And Mind Reading Methods
106 Black Magic In India – Dwarf Pulled 69 Carts Several Furlongs
107 Some Paper Novelties – Chinese Junk
108 Some Paper Novelties – Bellows
109 How To Boil Water In Paper Bag
110 Blazing Stage Becomes A Death Trap 09/05/1911 Tragic Fate Of A Great Illusionist Lafayette
111 The Vanishing Sixpence
111 The Spelling Bee Trick
111 New Spirit Writing Trick
112 Houdini The Mystery Man By David Gow
113 My Secret Power By Houdini
113 Houdini At Empire Theatre – Bradford
113 Houdini As Magician
113 Challenge To Houdini
114 Me By Houdini
114 Houdini At The Empire
115 Sword-Swallowing And Fire Eating As Parlour Tricks
115 The Wandering Orange
115 The Magical Growth Of Flowers
115 Quite Tired Out
116 Materialising A Spirit By Trickery: Challenge To Mediums By David Devant
117 Materialising A Spirit By Trickery: Challenge To Mediums By David Devant – Cont.
118 “Magic, Mirth And Mystery (By A Well Known Conjuror)”
119 “Magic, Mirth And Mystery (By A Well Known Conjuror) – Cont”
119 Mr J Maskelyne Dead 22/09/1924
120 The Art Of Faking – By De Biere
120 The Magical Soup Plate
121 The Miraculous Wineglass
121 Famous Magician Dead – Harry Kellar
121 Spirit Pictures – Conjurors Challenge To Mediums
121 Wonderfull Spectrums
122 Christmas Magic In The Home By Prof Hoffman
122 The Tell Tale Perfume
122 A Mysterious Disappearance
123 The Penetrative Sixpence
123 A Puzzling Card Trick
124 The Vanishing Coin
124 Carl Hertz Dead Mar-24
124 Conjuring Made Easy
124 Palming
124 French Drop
125 Conjuring Made Easy – Cont.
125 The Magic Wand
125 The Hat Trick
125 The Folding Box
126 Conjuring Made Easy – Cont.
126 Making A Cake In A Hat
126 The Magical Flowers
127 Conjuring Made Easy – Cont.
127 The Wonderful Ring
127 Carl Hertz Will – Famous Illusionist Leaves £1744
128 Feast Of Lanterns
128 The Famous Box Trick – Explained For The First Time By The Inventor J W Lynn
129 The Famous Box Trick – Cont
129 Houdini On Mediums – Calls Them Miserable Crooks
130 Pic Houdini At The Grave Of Henry Davenport
130 The Great Carmo
131 Anniversaries In Magic
132 Anniversaries In Magic – Cont.
133 Anniversaries In Magic – Cont.
133 “Spiritualists Sue Houdini – 100,000 Dollar Claim”
134 Spirit Photographs – Some Stiff Problems For Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
134 “The Modern Magician, Change In Conjuring Fashion”
134 Houdini Thrills Crowds
135 Tissue Balls
135 The Diminishing And Enlarging Cards
135 Under Water Coffin -Houdini’s Feat To Show How Fear Causes Death
135 A Magic Meeting
136 House Of Mysteries – Conjuring Tricks That Puzzled The World 01/04/1923
136 Linga Singh – Fakir’s Art
137 Linga Singh – Fakir’s Art – Cont.
137 A Floating Egg
137 Keithley Excited – Horse Bolts At Sight Of Carmo’s Elephant
138 Federick Culpitt
139 Handkerchief Caught On End Of Wand
139 Changing Handkerchief On Wand
139 Wand To Vanish Handkerchief
140 “Explanatory Program – Chung Ling Soo, Alhambra July 7th 1900”
140 Lessons In Magic By Prof. Ellis Stanyon
141 The Rope Trick
141 A Challenge To Spiritualists – Can Séance Phenomena Be Produced By Trickery?
142 The King Of Magic – Death Of Mr Nevil Maskelyne
143 Carmo
144 Mystery Man Due In London – Travel In A Coffin (Tahra Bey )
144 Screwed In Coffin – Wizard’s Demonstration Before Bradford Undertakers
144 The Story Of The Ace
145 Old Time Rhymes On New Time Lines